The Bloodstream Sermon

I enjoy this recording quite a bit. A transcription is also available.

The Sermon is written in a very literal manner. Yet it also uses Buddhist terminology without explaining it. This can create confusion on the part of the listener.

Samaneri Jayasāra is a Buddhist nun. She writes:

Bodhidharma is considered the founder of Zen Buddhism in China and regarded as its first Chinese patriarch. He brought the Buddha’s teachings to China from India in 520 AD. While much of his biography may be the stuff of legend and his historicity is still in question, numerous early records speak of him (or someone by the name of Bodhidharma) as a wise and compassionate monk. Whether or not he was ever a living person, the legend of Bodhidharma has made him as real in the Zen tradition as anyone else.

Recording of the Bloodstream Sermon

Author: John Sambrook

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