Helpful Video on Depression

I endured a major depression about six years ago. It was horrible. I wound up sleeping in my truck and barely able to function. My life was in shambles. I was angry at myself and angry at the world.

A quote that I came across recently has stuck with me: “If you’re always getting angry, you’ll turn your nature against The Way.” I certainly found that to be true.

I remember having dinner by myself one evening at a local Shari’s restaurant. When I went to pay my check the hostess told me someone else had paid it for me – out of sympathy, I suppose. When I look at photographs of myself from that time I simply look sad.

“Depression is incredibly pervasive and thus important to talk about,” he said. “Depression is like the worst disease you can get. It’s devastating.”

Dr. Robert Sapolsky

If you want a good introduction to the topic I invite you to review Dr. Sapolsky’s presentation:

Author: John Sambrook

Father, grandfather, businessman. Non-duality. Recovering Nice Guy. In a committed relationship. I live in Kirkland, Washington, USA.

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